Our Company

ITSM Corp was founded with the objective of becoming a global leader in the innovative delivery of IT solutions around the world. Our goal is to bring the world closer through the utilization of technologies suited to enhancing efficiency and cost in the delivery of our solutions. We help organizations maximize their IT by looking at automation strategies and optimization around the cost of acquiring and maintaining their infrastructure.

Since 2010, ITSM Corp has built an impressive reputation and strong experience as an innovative IT Service Management specialist. Since our inception, we are working as a strategic partner to numerous organizations – small to large in different parts of the globe – in delivering top-quality hardware, software, and IT solutions.

ITSM is a member of the globally operating Infinite Group that consists of 4 members: ITSM, GSS, Redapt and Ynvolve. The group was established to answer the need for a globally operating family of IT specialists, providing clients with complete solutions throughout the Technology Life Cycle of their IT infrastructure.