Top Technology Trends You Need to Watch Out This 2018 – 2020

“We will make as much technology progress in the next hundred years as we have in the past 20,000 or so.”

The development in technology is at a pace that has exponentially increased in the past century, yet we still anticipate a much bigger expanse that will make this age a prehistoric age in the technology timeline.

As part of the grandest scheme of things, organisations should learn to adapt and embrace the advancement in technologies. This is elaborated in Forrester’s new research on The Top 10 Technology Trends To Watch: 2018 To 2020. The article discusses various technology trends that are expected to transform business in the next three years.

As to why Forrester discusses trends instead of technologies, Vice President and Principal Analyst Brian Hopkins explained that it is important to understand, not just technologies, but how information technology is changing business by changing the mindset and behaviour of the customer.

Each technological trend is orchestrated by various emerging technologies – technologies that compel the change in business relationships. This research explains how the rapid change is going to play out in the next three years.

Forrester breaks the trends into three phases: dawning, awareness, and acceptance. These phases set the pace of technology-driven business changes and determine whether an organisation is an innovator or a follower – the trend basically is a benchmark to gauge your company’s readiness to embrace and lead in your industry’s technological arms-race.

The most important trend of all these trends, according to Brian, is the Software Learns to Learn trend, or basically artificial intelligence. Technologies and organizations involved in this trend are heavily invested in multimodal machine learning, machine learning servers, deep-learning platforms, transfer learning, emotion recognition, speech analytics, natural language generation, and gesture analytics.

What’s in it for you?

Your organisation’s future success and ultimate survival essentially depends on these technologies and how fast and flexible your organisation is in immersion to the trend. Organisations must, therefore, learn to leverage the newer and more innovative technologies.

As a business leader, you are tasked to perform research, trend analysis and proof of concept of these new technologies. However, this could be a heavy financial weight mainly because a lot of organisations are focused on keeping operations aflame, centred on IT hardware maintenance – over 70% of organizational is allocated to operational IT infrastructure maintenance according to study. Businesses are trapped in the KTLO (keeping the lights on) rat race, giving less wiggle room for new initiatives. You can learn more about this in the eBook Rethinking Your Information Technology Hardware Maintenance Strategy.

In order to finance new priorities with the goal of keeping your organisation abreast with the trends, you need to creatively tap internal resources which other businesses do not realise they have. Companies like ITSM can assist you to save an average of 50% to 70% per annum on their expensive IT Hardware Maintenance contracts and extend the life of the existing end of warranty hardware at a fraction of the OEM’s maintenance cost. The savings can be can be translated to supplementary budget which can, in turn, be the start of your new journey to embrace these technological breakthroughs.

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