The Infinite Group

The Infinite Group was founded to answer the need for a globally operating group of IT specialists who can provide their clients with complete solutions throughout the Technology Life Cycle of their IT infrastructure. There are currently six members of the Infinite Group, providing companies with services, software, and complete hardware solutions around the world.

The Infinite Group members work closely together to create a synergy benefiting their customers. While promoting knowledge transfer between each other, they harness their individual strengths, levels of expertise, and different geographical coverage to best serve their clients globally.


Maintenance and solutions provider

IT Services Management (ITSM) Corp. is a leading provider of infrastructure management services specialising in technical architecture, design, implementation and support services, known for its integrity in business and its global delivery offering.

ITSM also focuses on being a global delivery support desk for other companies within The Infinite Group.


Service and maintenance hardware provider

Ynvolve is a smart-thinking, fast-acting service and maintenance provider acting on every hardware platforms. Years of extensive experience with multinational firms have allowed Ynvolve to develop strong competencies in delivering IT solutions in all five continents.


Hardware and software value-added reseller

OITS is a hardware and software provider based in Namibia. OITS aims at supporting local customers and thereby at contributing to the development of the local economy.

Through its network of international partners, OITS is bringing knowledge and expertise to the Southern African region.


Hardware and software value-added reseller

Inosi is a value-added reseller with an expertise in the French and French-speaking African markets.

Thanks to its highly experienced sales staff and excellent technicians, Inosi is able to support its customers with quick turnkey solutions.

GSS - Global Systems & Software

Hardware and software value-added reseller in Europe.

Global Systems & Software or GSS is a hardware and software value-added reseller.

Most GSS clients are multinationals needing IT solutions beyond the Dutch borders. It is, therefore, presenting a strong experience  in delivering services that require both domestic and international competencies to operate in the highly changing IT industry.

Members of the Infinite Group
Limitless thinking, boundless solutions.

Members of the Infinite Group
Limitless thinking, boundless solutions.