Consulting and Professional IT Services

ITSM provides end-to-end and turnkey IT solutions with certified infrastructure experts to do the job.

Technology consulting: Provides expert advice to help your organisations maximise information technology in achieving business objectives.

IT staffing: Whether it is project-based or day-to-day support, ITSM can create staffing strategy based on your organisation's requirements.

Project management: Manages and facilitates projects to timely completion within allocated budget. This includes Agile, Server Migration, Office Relocation, Disaster Recovery, Product Development, System Integration and Infrastructure Management.

Migration Services: We cover Operating System and Platform Upgrades, Hardware Upgrades, Cloud Migration, Data Migration, Data Centre Moves and Data Centre Consolidations.

Cloud Assessment: Performs analysis of your workload demand across your cloud and virtual environments and help you optimise workload density. We use an intelligence to take off guesswork and overprovisioning.

Our vendor partners:

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