Private Cloud

ITSM values your data as much as you do. We understand your concerns about data security, compliance issues, and other IT challenges associated with the public cloud. Your ‘cloud-first strategy’ as CIO shouldn’t be your last IT strategy – whilst public cloud offers significant cloud economics, not all applications are built for public cloud.

ITSM is the ideal choice for companies pursuing a cloud strategy that delivers the best of both worlds: cost savings and agility of cloud with enterprise performance and manageability of an On-Premise solution. With ITSM, you get a highly scalable, flexible, and cost-effective foundation for implementing private cloud.

ITSM can build a dedicated private cloud network for you while tapping external computing resources in an on-demand basis. Your organisation gets the full advantages of cloud computing with the following benefits:

  • Control: Reap the efficiencies of virtualisation without surrendering control to the public cloud. You control how resources are allocated.
  • Security: Know your equipment is safe inside the same industry-leading data centres trusted by leading Australian government departments and large enterprises.
  • Affordability: Reduce the capital intensity of your IT infrastructure in favour of monthly operating costs so that you can reallocate your IT investments.
  • Flexibility: Expand and shrink your physical environment as your business requirements change and only pay for what you need either through our self-service portal or APIs.
  • Reliability: Our fully-redundant network and power supplies, fed from independent power sources, keep your servers running.
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