Manufacturing Automation System

With our vision to innovate technology with industry specific solutions, ITSM has partnered with Cantier - a leading software as a service provider of Manufacturing Automation Systems. Through this partnership we can provide Cantier MES 4.0 to Australia and the New Zealand market. MES 4.0 is designed for discrete and process manufacturing industries across multiple organizations such as Semiconductor, Electronics, Automotive, Metal Precision and Fabrication, Aerospace, Food and Beverages, Modular Construction, and Sugar and Bio-Enegery across the ANZ demographic.

Smart manufacturing is the topmost concern in any business nowadays and those who embrace it are true winners. The Cantier MES Software is a smart manufacturing-ready solution designed for collecting and analysing data from IoT-enabled devices. It provides real-time and accurate information leading to data-driven solutions. The Cantier MES (Manufacturing Execution System) helps manufacturers automate shop floor activities. The real-time information of production processes such as Quality, Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), Planned Versus Actual (PVA) Costing, Work-In Progress (WIP), Finished Goods (FG) Outgoing Quantity, and Shop Floor Inventory (FI) are collected and analyzed while in progress to meet and exceed the customers’ ever-changing and increasing demand.

Cantier MES is designed to generate the essential time schedule and manufacturing plan. This system ensures that the completion of each individual part and sub-assembly is being produced and delivered in a timely manner and with great quality.

Cantier MES also plays a very vital role to ensure that manufacturers deliver products in good condition and quality, have on-time delivery, have instant traceability, and observe strict compliance to international standard governing bodies while maintaining optimal operation cost to ensure their market competitiveness.

The partnership brings about the best of both service oriented organizations, leveraging the strong and proven experience of Cantier to ensure efficiency and incorporating smarts on the software layer.(what does this mean?) Coupled with the track record of ITSM in innovating ways at how infrastructure is built and managed to support software, both Cantier and ITSM is able to provide an outcome-based efficient solution to manufacturing clients. From a broad perspective, using our manufacturing software, manufacturers can expect significant improvements in bottom-line profitability, on-time delivery, and quality products.

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