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With COVID dropped at our doorstep as a global pandemic that has set the entire world into a healthy stroke, it is little obvious to all our employees working from home to feel a little overwhelmed. We thought of checking how are they doing other than only micromanaging on productivity. Sometimes working from home is a real challenge, with the lockdown. It affects the mental health of our employees. It increases the stress level. So, we started our own culture book #itsmculturebook. We are making sure that our employees know that even if it’s a stressful time, we can still say hello to each other with a cup of coffee on google chat. Teams have changed a lot in the way they used to communicate and work.


While understanding work from home as possibly the new normal that companies need to adopt policies and technologies to ensure the essence of office working is not lost while working from home.Edwin, ITSM Corp President & CEO

  • Starting the work on time. That keeps a routine in life and keeps the head clear off for the day.
  • Sometimes working from home we forget out the productive time we clocked. That minor breaks help them rebound back. We encourage all our employees who work from home to take the break. Setting up a time tracker on your computer to see how much you work helps to celebrate your productivity, whereas making a guilt-free balance of work-life and family.


Working from home is life-changing, and this change in the environment can be stressful enough. Employees who have children and spouses at home may need to shift their usual hours to allow for at-home schooling or to avoid competing for conference calls. And during this change, HR and the managers should assure their team that this is OK and help facilitate this change easily.  Also, I have embraced the mindset of “building trust” with this new environment. Managers should trust that their team is doing their best and your team feels that you trust them. Similarly, the team needs to be sure to work to continuously to earn and maintain that trust.Hanna, our HR Officer


I don’t have to worry about what to wear (just work with my PJs). I work more productive when music on. Working from home allows me to play my favourite playlist at the perfect volume and sing my heart out 🤣😂 while finishing up my work. I could re-allocate the time that I used to spend in preparation and travel to work. I’d rather grab my sneakers and do some exercise or snoozing in extra mins.Scarlet, our finance Head’s thoughts.



We are so proud of us that have taken so many positive inputs and have communicated across all verticals of service. Our EOFY meeting was a tremendous success. While discussing with our President & CEO about the new virtual office system, he pointed out both the pros and cons.

Working from home has promoted independence and a greater sense of responsibility. Becoming better communicators by engaging in more conversation through chat, phone, and emails is more important. Flexibility and Work-Life Balance .. for some that can manage–but this can be a pitfall as well if not managed properly as it can bring isolation and distraction. The need for social interaction sometimes takes a toll. 


Since working remotely has altered the challenge of delivery, the security issue was one of the primary concerns. People working from home on their laptops without VPN and accessing company data had been an enormous threat.

COVID 19 outbreak has caused disruptions to the way we render support services to our clients. The transition from “business as usual” to “working from home ” model has initially caused some concerns on our ability to dispatch support services to urgent business needs. However, after putting the processes and tools in place,  WFH arrangements have provided above average results in delivering precise communications to clients and better response times regarding on-site support. — Bong, Delivery Head.



Our goal is to lower the risk of COVID spread at our workspace by adhering to our global work from home policy. Our HR team has been working together across the globe to transition smoothly and hassle-free. Above said and done, we are already keeping our employees safe and being with a global service provider; we are putting a lot of effort to transition best for our employees

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