ITSM Corp. Philippines’ Team Building 2017 At Thunderbird Resorts, La Union

ITSM Philippines Team Building

Steve Jobs once said, Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

To build a great team, we do not only rely on the contribution of skills of every individual in the organisation. We also depend on how employees and departments work together in synergy.

ITSM invests on team building activities to cultivate an internal culture that is built on good communication, support and trust.

ITSM Corp. Philippines' Team Building

Team building may not be a revenue-producing initiative but it strengthens the bond and communication between employees in our company. For the past years that we were having a team building, it built certain connections among departments that made it easy to approach, in other instance, confront colleagues in necessary and appropriate situations.

The team building was held in a breathtaking Santorini-like venue at Thunderbird Resorts and Casino, Poro Point La Union last June.

ITSM employees from various Departments—Client Services, HR and Admin, Finance, and Sales were there.

What were the highlights of this year’s team building event?

  • The delectable foods
  • The “Arrange Yourself” game that made us divulge our waistline measurements, age, colour of undies, etc.
  • The physical and strategy games
  • The dance that the facilitator taught, and seeing everyone doing that silly dance.
  • And the night and early morning swimming with everyone.

Employees were able to work together under pressure during the games and relax and enjoy the wonderful place at the same time.


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