IT Support Services

The enterprise day-to-day business operation depends heavily on the performance of its IT infrastructure. Just imagine a few hours of downtime in one of your Sydney locations when your network system fails and there is no immediate IT support Sydney available. How much dollars would that cost you?  You will probably lose a business and even damage your reputation.

A smart and proactive CIO aims to create a robust IT infrastructure that is resilient to technical issues and optimised to consider future contingencies. With a resilient infrastructure, a system outage is prevented or remedied immediately.

A solid IT infrastructure must also be flexible, agile and scalable to meet the augmenting demands of the organisation. It is built with reliable firmware, software and network. And it should be coupled with highly-skilled IT professionals that are within arm’s length when a need arise.

Developing an ideal IT infrastructure in-house requires huge CAPEX that not all organisations are financially capable or willing to risk.

This is where ITSM comes in. Your company can outsource from ITSM Corporation when you need it and where you need at a price point that is not going to break your IT budget.

Outsourcing IT services levels the playing field regardless of your organisation size. Whether you are small or medium-sized business with 10 to 200 employees or you are a large organisation with 500 employees, you can get the professional services you required for your infrastructure.

Here are some outsourced IT support models that ITSM provides which your organisation can adopt:

  1. Time and materials or break/fix

Time and Materials or Break/Fix model is a per-need basis hardware support services. Your organisation can get the services only when you need it. If something breaks, say your computer or network devices, you can call IT support to come and fix your technical problem. You will be billed per hour and the cost of materials or parts used.

  1. IT hardware maintenance

Hardware maintenance can be costly. It gets more expensive as the equipment gets older. At a certain point, OEM (original equipment manufacturer) will declare it obsolete and will no longer provide support to the product.

As a third party maintenance (TPM) provider, ITSM can support and extend the life of your EOL (end-of-life) and EOSL (end-of-service-life) equipment.

ITSM is vendor-agnostic meaning we can support various IT equipment regardless of the manufacturer. It is combined with our comprehensive spare parts strategy, which is one of our competitive advantages, allowing you to easily access your spare the moment you need it.

  1. Hardware solutions and installation

Bringing together various hardware and technologies into your network system or your IT infrastructure requires time, expertise and experience. As a system integrator, ITSM specialises in assembling components to build a fully functional and efficient enterprise IT architecture and infrastructure for your organisation. Our engineers have substantial experience in diagnostic and troubleshooting work, significant breadth and depth of knowledge on various products and technologies, and exemplary problem-solving skills.

We conduct assessment and audit to provide a recommendation of what your infrastructure needs and match it with appropriate hardware products for specific enterprise requirements. Our company offers assistance on hardware procurement whether it is brand new and refurbished or remarketed hardware.

We can source refurbished equipment for your organisation and conduct inspection, audit, test and update to guarantee its performance and safety.

Unlike OEMs, we offer complete flexibility with our products and services. Our primary concern is not to sell products but to understand your needs provide the products and services based on your specific enterprise requirements.

  1. Managed IT services

Internal IT staff is having difficulty in focusing on highly innovative and strategic projects because, most of the time, they are constantly busy putting out fire.  The IT team is often tied up in making sure that your IT infrastructure is running well.

What you can do is hire more skilled IT professional to delegate tasks and assigned projects, which is often challenging and costly. However, for a most cost-efficient solution, you can partner with ITSM to provide your organisation with managed IT services, which include:

  • remote and on-site technical support
  • network/desktop management services
  • service desk; server management services
  • network management services
  • database management services
  • upgrades, migration and patch management

If a full IT support service is not ideal for your IT environment, a hybrid support model can be a perfect option as it provides you complete control of your IT management but still gets the support and professional services where gaps exist.