Transforming how your data centre operates with the Hyperconvergence technology.

Traditional IT has to deal with the pains of legacy infrastructure and the silos it creates, and the increasing complexity and cost of IT infrastructure and virtualisation to meet the business demands. With ITSM’s hyperconverged solution, we will simply your infrastructure, remove restrictions, and help you streamline the deployment, management and scaling of your datacentre resources.

  • Software focus: Hyperconvergence is the epitome of the software-defined data centre (SDDC), providing organisation the flexibility and agility.
  • Use of commodity x86 hardware: Commodity hardware equals lower cost.
  • Centralised systems and management: The simple, efficient design enables IT to manage aggregated resources across individual nodes as a single federated system.
  • Enhanced agility: With hyperconvergence, your IT can move workloads much easier and achieve positive outcomes much faster.
  • Scalability and efficiency:Scalable infrastructure that allows IT to efficiently expand simply by adding units.
  • Low cost: Hyperconverged systems have a low cost of entry.
  • Easy automation: Automation goes hand in hand with hyperconvergence.
  • Focus on VMs: Hyperconverged infrastructure options use virtual machines (VMs) as the most basic constructs of the environment.
  • Shared resource: Hyperconvergence enables organisations to deploy many kinds of applications in a single-shared resource pool.
  • Data protection: Backup, recovery and disaster recovery are built-in. They’re part of the infrastructure, not third-party afterthoughts to be integrated.

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