Hyperconvergence is the answer to the quest for simplifying the complicated IT and data centre infrastructure. It is the third generation of convergence evolution that introduces a new data architecture. Whilst its convergence predecessor only combines the server, virtualization layer, storage switch, and primary storage into one container (in Convergence 1.0); and enhanced its efficiency with the cloud economics (in Convergence 2.0); Hyperconvergence revolutionizes IT.

By partnering with ITSM, we will introduce Hyperconvergence and help you transform how your data centre operates.

Benefits of Hyperconvergence include:

  • Software focus: Hyperconvergence is the epitome of the software-defined data centre (SDDC). This allows organisation to have the updated versions of their software without having to replace hardware.
  • Use of commodity x86 hardware: Commodity hardware equals lower cost.
  • Centralized systems and management: The simple, efficient design enables IT to manage aggregated resources across individual nodes as a single federated system.
  • Enhanced agility: With hyperconvergence, your IT can move workloads much easier and achieve positive outcomes much faster.
  • Scalability and efficiency: Your IT can expand just by simply adding units like in a LEGO set.
  • Low cost: Hyperconverged systems have a low cost of entry.
  • Easy automation: Automation goes hand in hand with hyperconvergence.
  • Focus on VMs: Hyperconverged infrastructure options use virtual machines (VMs) as the most basic constructs of the environment.
  • Shared resource: Hyperconvergence enables organizations to deploy many kinds of applications in a single-shared resource pool.
  • Data protection: Backup, recovery and disaster recovery are built-in. They’re part of the infrastructure, not third-party afterthoughts to be integrated.

Members of the Infinite Group
Limitless thinking, boundless solutions.

Members of the Infinite Group
Limitless thinking, boundless solutions.