“Revolutionize Your Business with ITSM Cloud: A Partner’s Perspective”

As a partner of Au Cloud, we are excited to share the benefits and features of this innovative cloud service. Au Cloud is an Australian-owned and operated cloud service provider that offers secure, reliable, and cost-effective cloud solutions for businesses of all sizes.

One of the biggest advantages of Au Cloud is its commitment to data security. The platform uses the latest security measures to ensure that your data is protected from potential cyber threats. This means that your business can operate with peace of mind, knowing that sensitive information is in safe hands.

In addition to security, Au Cloud offers scalability and flexibility. The platform allows businesses to easily scale up or down as needed, without the need for additional hardware or infrastructure. This means that businesses can quickly adapt to changes in demand, without incurring significant costs.

Another key feature of Au Cloud is its cost-effectiveness. Unlike traditional IT infrastructure, Au Cloud eliminates the need for capital expenditures and ongoing maintenance costs. This means that businesses can reduce their overall IT costs and allocate resources towards other critical areas of the business.

Au Cloud also offers a range of cloud solutions, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). This means that businesses can choose the solution that best meets their needs, without being locked into a single platform or provider.

As a partner of Au Cloud, we are committed to helping businesses take advantage of these benefits and achieve their goals. Our team of experts can provide tailored solutions and support, to ensure that businesses get the most out of their cloud investments.

In summary, Au Cloud is a reliable, secure, and cost-effective cloud service provider that offers a range of solutions to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. As a partner, we are proud to support this innovative platform and help businesses unlock the benefits of cloud computing. Reach our team of cloud experts to discuss this today.

“Building a Strong Foundation: The Power of Infrastructure Implementation with a Global Professional Service Provider”

In today’s digital age, businesses rely heavily on their IT infrastructure to operate efficiently and effectively. From simple rack and stack to complex partitioning, from edge networks and servers to core infrastructure, the right IT infrastructure can make a world of difference in the success of a business. However, implementing and maintaining IT infrastructure can be a complex and challenging task, especially for businesses that operate globally.

That’s where a Global Professional Service Provider can help. A Global Professional Service Provider offers a range of services designed to help businesses implement and maintain their IT infrastructure with ease. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of infrastructure implementation with a Global Professional Service Provider.

  1. Expertise and Experience

One of the primary benefits of working with a Global Professional Service Provider for infrastructure implementation is their expertise and experience. These providers have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who have years of experience working on complex infrastructure projects. They have a deep understanding of the latest technologies and best practices, which allows them to deliver high-quality services that meet or exceed their clients’ expectations.

  1. Reduced Costs

Another significant benefit of working with a Global Professional Service Provider is that it can help businesses reduce their costs. Infrastructure implementation can be an expensive and time-consuming process, especially for businesses that operate globally. However, a Global Professional Service Provider can help reduce the costs of infrastructure implementation by providing cost-effective solutions and leveraging their global network to source equipment and materials at competitive prices.

  1. Scalability

Another benefit of working with a Global Professional Service Provider for infrastructure implementation is scalability. As businesses grow and expand, their infrastructure needs can change dramatically. A Global Professional Service Provider can help businesses scale their infrastructure quickly and efficiently, allowing them to adapt to changing business needs and remain competitive.

  1. Flexibility

Flexibility is another essential benefit of working with a Global Professional Service Provider for infrastructure implementation. These providers offer a range of services that can be customized to meet the unique needs of businesses. Whether a business needs a full infrastructure implementation or just a few specific services, a Global Professional Service Provider can provide a flexible solution that meets their specific requirements.

  1. Global Reach

Finally, a significant benefit of working with a Global Professional Service Provider for infrastructure implementation is their global reach. These providers have a presence in many countries around the world, which allows them to provide local support and expertise to their clients no matter where they are located. They also have a deep understanding of local regulations and laws, which ensures that their clients are always compliant and operating within the law.

In conclusion, working with a Global Professional Service Provider for infrastructure implementation offers a range of benefits, including expertise and experience, reduced costs, scalability, flexibility, and global reach. These benefits can help businesses implement and maintain their IT infrastructure with ease, allowing them to focus on their core business activities and remain competitive in an ever-changing market.

Ready to streamline your infrastructure implementation process and take advantage of the benefits of a Global Professional Service provider? Contact us today to discuss how our team can help your business achieve its goals with our range of services and expertise. Let us help you take your business to the next level.

“Streamlining Operations and Enhancing Student Engagement: How ITSM Camu Digital Campus Can Benefit Educational Institutions in Australia and New Zealand

As the education industry continues to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing landscape, educational institutions in Australia and New Zealand are facing unique challenges when it comes to streamlining operations and enhancing student engagement. With so many moving parts and a growing number of students to manage, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for institutions to provide a seamless and personalized experience for each student. However, with the right technology and tools, these challenges can be overcome, and educational institutions can provide their students with a modern and flexible learning experience that is tailored to their individual needs. This is where ITSM Camu Digital Campus, an integrated service provided by ITSM Corp, comes into play.

ITSM Camu Digital Campus is a comprehensive platform that covers all aspects of the education ecosystem, from admissions and enrollment to student management and academic operations. The platform offers a wide range of features and functionalities, including online learning, assessment and evaluation, attendance tracking, and much more. With ITSM Camu Digital Campus, educational institutions can provide their students with a modern and flexible learning experience that is tailored to their individual needs.

Here are some of the key benefits of ITSM Camu Digital Campus:

  1. Seamless Integration with Existing Systems and Processes ITSM Camu Digital Campus seamlessly integrates with existing systems and processes, which means that educational institutions don’t have to worry about overhauling their entire infrastructure. Instead, they can add ITSM Camu Digital Campus to their existing systems and processes, allowing for a smooth and hassle-free transition.
  2. Improved Operational Efficiency and Reduced Costs ITSM Camu Digital Campus is designed to streamline operations and reduce costs for educational institutions. With automated processes and real-time data insights, institutions can save time and resources while also improving their overall operational efficiency.
  3. Enhanced Student Engagement and Retention ITSM Camu Digital Campus provides students with a modern and flexible learning experience that is tailored to their individual needs. This enhances student engagement and retention, as students are more likely to be motivated and invested in their education when it is delivered in a way that is relevant and personalized to them.
  4. Flexible and Scalable Platform That Can Adapt to Changing Needs ITSM Camu Digital Campus is a flexible and scalable platform that can adapt to changing needs. Whether an educational institution is experiencing rapid growth or is undergoing a significant restructuring, ITSM Camu Digital Campus can be customized to meet their specific needs and provide the support they require.

ITSM Camu Digital Campus is a powerful tool that can help educational institutions in Australia and New Zealand overcome the unique challenges they face when it comes to streamlining operations and enhancing student engagement. With its comprehensive platform, seamless integration, and flexible and scalable design, educational institutions can provide their students with a modern and personalized learning experience that will help them succeed in the ever-evolving education landscape.

If you’re interested in learning more about ITSM Camu Digital Campus and how it can benefit your educational institution, contact ITSM today for a consultation. Our team of experienced IT professionals will work closely with you to identify your specific needs and develop a customized service package that meets those needs while staying within your budget.

Exploring the Benefits of Camu Services – A Digital Campus

ITSM Connected Infrastructure Camu Services is a digital education service that offers innovative solutions for e-learning and corporate training. As a partner of Camu, we offer a digital campus that provides a comprehensive learning experience for students and professionals. This blog will explore the features and benefits of CAmu Services and how it can help learners achieve their educational and career goals.

Features of Camu Digital Campus

Camu Services offers a range of features that make its digital campus a valuable resource for learners. These include:

  1. Customizable Learning Paths – Camu Services allows learners to design their own learning paths that align with their career goals and interests. They can choose from a variety of courses, modules, and assessments to create a personalized learning experience.
  2. Interactive Learning – The digital campus offers interactive learning experiences that use multimedia content, simulations, and gamification to engage learners and enhance their understanding of the subject matter.
  3. Real-world Case Studies – Camu Services integrates real-world case studies into its courses, giving learners practical insights into how to apply the concepts they learn in the workplace.
  4. Collaborative Learning – The digital campus provides opportunities for learners to collaborate and network with peers, mentors, and industry experts. This creates a supportive learning community that can help learners achieve their goals.

Benefits of Camu Digital Campus

Camu Services offers several benefits to learners, including:

  1. Flexibility – Learners can access the digital campus anytime, anywhere, and on any device. This allows them to learn at their own pace and fit their studies around their work and personal commitments.
  2. Cost-effectiveness – Camu Services offers affordable courses and modules that provide excellent value for money. This makes it accessible to learners from diverse backgrounds and financial situations.
  3. Quality – The courses and modules offered by CAmu Services are designed by experienced educators and subject matter experts. They are regularly updated to ensure they are relevant and up-to-date.
  4. Recognition – Camu Services is recognized by leading industry bodies and academic institutions. This means learners can be confident that their qualifications and certificates are recognized and valued by employers and peers.

Partnering with ITSM Camu Services

Partnering with  ITSM Camu Services can provide several benefits to organizations, including:

  1. Enhanced Training Programs – Camu Services can help organizations design and deliver training programs that align with their business goals and objectives. This can improve employee performance and productivity, leading to better business outcomes.
  2. Increased Engagement – The interactive and collaborative nature of Camu Services’ digital campus can help increase employee engagement and motivation. This can lead to higher retention rates and a more committed workforce.
  3. Cost Savings – Partnering with Camu Services can help organizations reduce the cost of training and development programs. This can be especially beneficial for smaller organizations with limited resources.
  4. Improved Reputation – Partnering with Camu Services can enhance an organization’s reputation as an employer that invests in the professional development of its employees. This can help attract and retain top talent and improve the organization’s brand image.


In conclusion, Camu Services is an innovative digital education company that offers a comprehensive learning experience for students and professionals. Its digital campus provides a range of features and benefits that make it a valuable resource for learners. Partnering with ITSM Camu Services can provide several benefits to organizations, including enhanced training programs, increased engagement, cost savings, and improved reputation. Whether you’re a learner or an organization, partnering with ITSM Camu Services can help you achieve your educational and career goals. Reach us here.

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Right Managed Cloud Service Provider!!

As IT systems are vast combined with the fact that no two MCSPs are the same, it complicates the process of selecting one that’s right for your organization. Deciding which MCSP is right for you can be a challenge. Many providers seem to offer the same services and if you are new to cloud services you may not understand what aspects are most important. 

To help you work through this, below are a few considerations you should keep in mind when reviewing your MCSP options: 

Skills and expertise

The obvious reason for choosing a MCSP is that you specify your needs and you sit back and relax and expect the best delivery . That is why, any provider you choose needs to be familiar both with the cloud services you intend to use and business operations. As well are capable of adapting to the changes as your business grows. This means understanding industry best practices,knowing how to integrate any critical tooling or applications you have, and being able to adapt or optimize your workflows for cloud resources.

A few questions that are helpful to ask include:

  • What cloud services are they familiar with and how are they trained on these services?
  • What sorts of organizations do they primarily serve and who are their clients?
  • How familiar are they with your industry’s verticals or workflows?


Security and compliance

Every organization already has a data classification scheme in place that defines types of data according to sensitivity and/or policies on data residency. This data is a key part of the selection process. If you have specific requirements and obligations, you should look for providers that give you choice and control regarding the jurisdiction in which your data is stored, processed and managed. Managed Cloud Service Providers should be transparent about their data security policies but you should also take responsibility for finding this information out.  

Security and compliance should be at the top of your list when it comes to evaluating MCSPs. The right provider can help you ensure significant improvements over what you might be able to create on your own.

A few questions that are helpful to ask include:

  • What security expertise and experience do provider teams have, including certification level.
  • What compliance regulations does the provider specialize in and does it offer services to audit compliance.
  • What security measures are they taking to secure client data and access from being compromised through their access (i.e. an attacker comes through them).
  • Do they provide any built-in security solutions?


Transparency and control

MCSP to manage your cloud resources. These providers generally have full access to your data and the functionality of your cloud services may rely entirely on them. Hence it is very important to choose a MCSPs who are very transparent with their policies and can help your internal team to understand and evaluate risks .

This transparency helps reduce reliance on the provider and helps you verify that MCSPs are providing the services they claim.

A few questions that are helpful to ask include:

  • How willing are providers to share performance reports and metrics about your services
  • Are providers using proprietary or open-source tools to manage services
  • How are you alerted to changes, maintenance, or issues
  • What sort of training do providers offer to improve in-house skillsets

For more information on security, governance and sovereignty, click here.


Cloud Commercials 


A founding principle of cloud services is that you should only ever pay for what you use. For example, you should be able to save money by scaling VM sizes up or down or even turning off VMs you are not using.  Just powering down VMs when they are not in use outside business hours (typically >70% of the time) can deliver immediate efficiencies. 

  •  Does your Cloud Provider charge you on a pay as you use basis?
  •  Can you check what you are using at any point in time with visibility of up to the last hour? Not all Cloud Providers offer the same charging regime.
  •   What do the prices you are charged include?
  •   Are there any hidden or additional costs, e.g., ingress or egress fees, data migration or exit fees? 


While you are looking for a Cloud Provider to meet your needs now, this may not be the case down the track as your needs and the needs of your customers change. NIST1 defined Cloud Providers must provide commercial as well as technical flexibility and adaption. Cloud is also a competitive market and you want to ensure you have the flexibility to move if you are not satisfied with the service.

• Can you purchase a single unit of compute for one hour, a Gigabyte of data for one month or sign-up a single user for a month or do you have to commit for a month, a year or even longer?

• How flexible is the Cloud Provider – can you move your data to another Provider if necessary or are there contractual issues preventing or hindering this?

Some Cloud Providers not only hide lock-in into their hidden pricing costs but also, as an alternative to adaptable, open-source solutions, provide proprietary services that, while useful now, effectively act as technical lock-in to prevent you moving to other services and Cloud Providers if your requirements change

  • What is the process to exit your Cloud Provider? 
  •  How easy (or difficult) is it to unpick the variety of services and/or migrate your data?
  •  How confident are you that all you customer data, meta-data, monitoring data and other derived data have been destroyed beyond the Cloud Provider’s future access?


Reach our team of experts today to discuss how we can help you with your cloud set up.


Why Is Cloud Security Governance Important?

A decade earlier, the ongoing data was loaded to the physical server and the security was controlled by software . It was easier to manage. Though cloud adds mobility, flexibility, and cost optimized solutions to our data, the rules of data security become complex.

Cloud data security is the combination of technology solutions, policies, and procedures that you implement to protect cloud-based applications and systems, along with the associated data and user access.


If you are providing services to the Government, you will almost certainly need to ensure your Cloud Provider can guarantee that both your data and all the associated metadata, analytics and monitoring data will remain in Australia, on infrastructure owned and managed by Australian citizens. 

  • Do you know where your data goes – including the metadata, the monitoring data and the derived data?
  • Is your Cloud Provider subject to extra-territorial jurisdictional (i.e., non-Australian) laws? 
  • Can a foreign government or authority request access to your data, from your Cloud Provider without your consent or even knowledge? 
  • Will all the service and support from your Cloud Provider (and their staff who have access to any of your data) be provided from within Australia by Australian citizens operating only under Australian law? 


The relationship between you and your Cloud Provider is more than the sum of the commercial contracts and the technical agreements. It is based on trust around delivering confidentiality, integrity and availability of the service and related data combined with understanding of the relative roles and responsibilities.

  • Do you know and are you confident with the maturity of your Provider’s security operations and governance processes? 
  • Are the roles and responsibilities of you and your Cloud Provider documented and clear? 
  • Have you checked that user access and activity is fully auditable? Relevant certifications (e.g., ISO27001) are a good indicator that the Cloud Provider is committed to best practice in information security, especially where the certification applies across all aspects of the organization, end to end development, management, operation and security of information systems and infrastructure as well as service delivery
  • What certifications does your Cloud Provider hold that provides you with the confidence that can meet your information security, privacy and operational service delivery needs?
  • If your provider is selling their capability based on non-Australian reference cases and attestation, are they capable of exact replication of the infrastructure, processes and people in Australia? 
  • How else is your Cloud Provider demonstrating compliance with any mandatory or regulatory infrastructure, security and privacy requirements (e.g. the ISM, PSPF, IRAP)? 

Information Security 

The nature of your service or the data you have access to, may be subject to a specific data classification security requirement. 

  • Can your Cloud Provider meet your needs and accommodate you if there are any changes?
  • Has your Cloud Provider demonstrated that they comply with the Australian Attorney General Departments’ Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) underpinned with controls outlined within Australian Signals Directorate’s Information Security Manual (ISM)? Compliance with these is mandatory when working with the government.
  • Has your Cloud Provider demonstrated compliance with the new ASD/ACSC security assessment framework to OFFICIAL and PROTECTED controls?


Whatever your concern is, we can discuss how your organization can take the next step today.

Why choose Managed Cloud Service Provider?

The major components of EUC are physical desktop computing, virtual desktop computing and mobile computing.

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