Camu: Campus Management Solution

ITSM introduces “Camu”, a campus management solution for the Educational Organisations in any part of the spectrum – Universities, Colleges, K-12, and Governments. It is designed to provide an end-to-end solution that eases the many challenges in administration, learning and collaboration process.

As an advocate of modern and cutting-edge technology, ITSM only partners with companies that we strongly believe can add great value and provide innovative change. Thus, our partnership with Camu.

ITSM provides consultation to understand the unique requirements of your institution and assist you from implementation, training and technical support.

Camu for Higher Education

ITSM is gearing up to deal with the radical changes in the Higher Education. Across the world, many countries are mandating the new standards in Education which is significantly influenced by the Washington Accord. The following are some of the Challenges and Aspirations of Higher Education Organisations:

  • Student Enrolment
  • Aspiration of Students to get a globally recognized Degree
  • A sustainable method for acquiring and maintaining Accreditations
  • Differentiating from the Competition
  • Adoption of modern learning methodologies like Outcome Based Education which is mandated in many countries
  • Getting control on operations in a seamless manner across Administration and Academia
  • Offering a unique Digital Experience for Students
  • Camu for K-12

    Adoption of Digital Learning Platforms in early stage learning and visibility to Parents on the education process is a major driver. Visibility to the teaching process and student performance can be enabled by using at the point of delivery. Camu takes technology to the classrooms and seamlessly enables teaching staff to use IT without any changes to their normal routine. The video offers a view of the classroom processes that can be driven using Camu.


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